The goal of this visit is to gather information and to take impressions of your teeth for the diagnostic cast (if needed).

Using tridimensional images produced by our digital radiography device, it is possible to perform an assessment of your teeth, which will confirm the best treatment. These images are accessible much more quickly than with conventional impressions and allow our dentists to complete the analysis of your situation with better efficiency.

Photos are taken to check all aspects of your dentition and gums in detail. These are essential to confirm the treatment plan and to harmonize the smile with the rest of your facial features. Finally, during this appointment, you will discuss with the hygienist about the installation of the dental appliances and be offered different options of treatments.



(Cone beam computed tomography)

Function: Immediate and accurate diagnostic X-ray in three dimensions.

A 3D scan is necessary before taking any decisions regarding dental implants. It allows to assess the quality and quantity of the bone that will support dental implants. This also gives us the information necessary to choose the shape, dimension and position of the implant. Dental scanners have become an indispensable tool to get the best diagnosis.

It enables to view the bone structure available as well as the characteristics of your jaws.

The scan is an essential tool to diagnose apical lesions and to detect fractured roots. It can also be used to determine the morphology of the root, the number of roots as well as the root canals. It is therefore sometimes used for the extraction of wisdom teeth.

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