Risks and complications

Risks and complications

Despite the skills of the surgeon and the precautions taken before and during the procedure, any surgery presents some risks and a potential for complications. Nonetheless, complications are rare and postoperative discomfort is minimal. The success rate of gum surgeries is very high.

Here are a few possible complications:

  • Postoperative infection: Symptoms of infection include redness, pus oozing from the wound, severe pain that cannot be controlled by analgesics, as well as fever. In this case, taking antibiotics is necessary to stop the infection and prevent a relapse. You should then consult your surgeon to evaluate your condition. In the case of a gum tissue graft, however, it is very rare that the solution to infection is the removal of the graft.
  • Premature loss of stitches: This complication usually causes no problem if the surgical site is kept clean and if you take care not to disturb it during the recovery. If in doubt, you can contact your surgeon about precautions to take.
  • Graft rejection: In some cases, it may happen that a graft provided by an external donor is rejected by your body. This complication is not common, but your surgeon may offer an alternative to the treatment if the graft is rejected.

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