Before the surgery



  • In some circumstances, you may have to take antibiotics before the procedure to reduce the risk of post-operative infection. It is very important to take them as they have been prescribed.
  • If the surgeon knows the list of medication you are taking and that none of them pose problem for surgery, you must take them at the usual time on the day of your surgery. Bring a list of medication you have taken in the last 24 hours to inform your surgeon.
  • If you take drugs like aspirin, products containing aspirin, vitamin E, or anticoagulants, it is important to inform your surgeon before the procedure. He or she will determine how many days in advance you need to stop taking them. A consultation with your treating physician may be required to assess risks associated with the discontinuation of medication before your surgery. These types of drugs have a blood thinning effect and inhibit clotting, which causes perioperative complications (more abundant or uncontrollable bleeding during and after surgery).
  • With the agreement of the surgeon, you can take a sedative if you are anxious to ensure you a good night’s sleep before the surgical procedure. This medication may be prescribed by your surgeon or by your doctor.  A patient who undergoes surgery and who is well rested will respond better to the surgery and the postoperative period.

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