Dr. Vesna Repac

Dr. Vesna Repac Dentist


  • DMD in Dentistry (UDM, 2004-2009)
  • Residency in Multidisciplinary Dentistry (Montreal General Hospital, 2009-2010)
  • Orthodontics Training (IDI, 2012-2015)


French, English, Serbo-Croat


Doing continuous training to deepen my knowledge of dentistry. I recently developed a website dedicated to orthodontics and the treatment of temporo-mandibular joint dysfunction.

Jogging with my dog, playing music, reading and learning.


I love working with children. Recently I saw a little girl aged about 5 for her checkup. When I asked her how many times a day she brushes her teeth, she told me her mom makes her brush twice a day. But she said her mom sometimes goes to bed without brushing her own teeth and she thinks that’s wrong because we need to brush our teeth before going to bed. Her mother was in the room at the time and was quite surprised and a bit embarrassed by this answer, but it made us laugh.